Food Formulation Trends: Alternatives for a Changing Industry

Food formulation trends are just that; TRENDS. With the changing climate of consumers across the world, it is almost essential for food manufacturers to stay abreast of what foods are being targeted as unhealthy or healthy and then to modify their food formulations accordingly.

Some of the “hottest” trends that we are seeing today are:

  • Reduced Sodium Formulations
  • Foods that are considered “sustainable”
  • “Clean” or “Free-From….” Labeling

All of these consumer concerns then become your concerns. Changing the manufacturing process, replacing key ingredients that are accepted by consumers and sometimes just educating them about what the chemical ingredients truly are.

Reduced Sodium Formulations

Jones Hamilton, one of our key suppliers, has done studies that show a sodium reduction of 8% – 42% in end products when those products have been re-formulating with their acidulant, pHase. Because pHase enhances the flavor of salt, less sodium is actually used in the manufacturing process.

Contact us and let us tell you about very effective sodium-free phosphate salts for various applications.

“Clean Labeling”

One of our key suppliers of G. S. Dunn, has studies showing how their deactivated ground mustard can be used in place of phosphates or soy protein in meat and poultry products, while delivering significant cost savings.

Pea Proteins can be used in fat-free and low-fat formulations. We have suppliers for pea protein!

”Sustainable Ingredients”

You’ve heard it in the news on a daily basis for many years, “Sustainable Energy Sources” are needed. Not only is ADM’s Propylene Glycol bio-based as opposed to petroleum-based PG, the production process results in a 61% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), compared to petroleum-based PG.

As a food ingredient distributor, TLC™ is keenly aware of your every changing industry and we work with our key ingredient suppliers to develop specialized formulations to meet your needs. Contact us to help you develop a superior product to meet today’s consumer’s demands.

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