TLC Corporate Social Responsibility Team Update

TLC Ingredients co-sponsored the third annual You Be the Chemist Regional Challenge for Chicago private schools. Companies and individuals in the science and chemistry industries invest in this program to inspire young students to enter the field of chemistry. Making STEM subjects exciting and competitive for the students was fun for the TLC volunteers and a great way of giving back to our local community.

The Earth is a big subject at TLC and we do our very best to recycle everything possible. Employees recycled nearly 200 pounds of electronics and on a regular basis bring batteries from home for proper disposal. When we learned we can recycle commercial packing film, we got excited and made a video, because there’s more

to this than the plastic we are all familiar with.

Not only have we saved energy by changing to LED lighting, there is a big cost savings too. Continuing our commitment to the standards set by EcoVadis, a sustainability rating and scoring organization, that single decision, among many, have us moving past our Silver status. 30% of all companies assessed by EcoVadis are at the Silver level and we are serious about the planet and going for the Gold! To learn more about the TLC CSR Team, visit our website

TLC Ingredient’s Third-Party Audited Food Safety program ensures the highest levels of Food Safety and Security.

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