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5 Benefits of Food Preservatives

Humans have always found a way to preserve food since ancient times. Some cultures used smoke, salt, and honey to ...
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Things to Consider When Choosing a Food Ingredients Supplier

Nowadays, consumers read ingredient lists before purchasing. Therefore, you must use high-quality ingredients to gain consumers' trust in your products. ...
Applications of Citric Acid as an Ingredient

Applications of Citric Acid as an Ingredient

Citric acid is a super ingredient used in many industries. Citric acid naturally occurs in tomatoes, berries, and citrus fruits, such ...
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Why Hydrogen Peroxide Is a Must-Have Ingredient for Skin Care Products

If you own a skincare product line or plan to start one, you should think of ways to develop unique ...
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TLC Is All About “Clean Labels” and Helping Clean Up Our Community

Members of the TLC Ingredients Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Team participated in our first road cleanup as part of Will ...