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Safety Precautions When Using Chemicals in the Workplace

Chemical ingredients have several uses in many industries, especially the food industry. If your business uses chemicals, you must understand ...
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5 Benefits of Food Preservatives

Humans have always found a way to preserve food since ancient times. Some cultures used smoke, salt, and honey to ...
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Things to Consider When Choosing a Food Ingredients Supplier

Nowadays, consumers read ingredient lists before purchasing. Therefore, you must use high-quality ingredients to gain consumers' trust in your products. ...
Applications of Citric Acid as an Ingredient

Applications of Citric Acid as an Ingredient

Citric acid is a super ingredient used in many industries. Citric acid naturally occurs in tomatoes, berries, and citrus fruits, such ...
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Why Hydrogen Peroxide Is a Must-Have Ingredient for Skin Care Products

If you own a skincare product line or plan to start one, you should think of ways to develop unique ...
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Industrial Water Treatment Solutions

TLC Ingredients has partnered with the best chemical manufacturers to help our customers improve the performance of their products.  These partnerships, along with ...
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Solutions For The Dairy Industry

As the demands on the Dairy Industry continue to focus on the quality and safety of the products produced, the need to ...
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Household Industrial and Institutional Cleaning Chemicals

We are proud that we’ve been able to provide household industrial and institutional (H I & I) cleaning chemicals to manufacturers all ...
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Solutions for the Meat / Poultry Processing and Seasoning Industry

There are all kinds of concerns the meat processing and seasoning industry must contend with on a daily basis. Your supply chain ...