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A Reliable Distributor of Food Ingredients and Industrial Products

Established in 2001 with the ethos of “Tender Loving Care,” TLC Ingredients has been committed to providing exceptional service, as a food ingredients distributor, to our clients. Founded by Tommy Turriff, Peter Lorusso, and Jim Cavelle, our mission from the start has been to deliver unparalleled customer service and attention to detail.

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Our Core Values

Located near Chicago in our state-of-the-art facility built in 2009, we pride ourselves on our technical expertise and unwavering sense of urgency. Renowned as a premier distribution company, we specialize in food ingredients, industrial chemicals, and phenolic resins. At TLC Ingredients, our core values include a steadfast commitment to food safety and Responsible Distribution.

Food Products

Our extensive range of ingredients and chemicals caters to the global food, feed, and wellness industries, reflecting our dedication to quality and diversity.

Industrial Products

Representing manufacturers across various sectors, including personal care, household, industrial and institutional, water treatment, adhesives, and specialty chemical manufacturing, we offer a comprehensive selection of industrial chemicals to meet diverse needs.

Durez Phenolic Resins

As a proud part of the Sumitomo Bakelite phenolic resin portfolio, Durez stands as a leader in thermoset resins utilized in adhesives, specialty coatings, abrasives, rubber, and friction industries.

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Experience the Difference

For more information about TLC Ingredients or to experience our superior customer service and premium chemicals and ingredients firsthand, please do not hesitate to contact us.