Responsible Distribution

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E, H, S & S Excellence in Supplying Food and Chemical Products

TLC Ingredients, Inc. is a very active member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors in leadership roles at both the National and Regional levels and is a proud supporter of NACD’s key Environmental, Health, Safety, and Security (EHS&S) management system Responsible Distribution®. This third-party vetted program’s Code of Management Practice consists of 13 segments that provide the framework for excellence in widely accepted business practices.

TLC Ingredients, Inc. is honored to be recognized as NACD’s 2020 Responsible Distribution Excellence Award. NACD members constantly evaluate their security procedures and have spent millions of dollars enhancing the security of their facilities. In addition to federal regulatory agencies, members of Congress also have recognized NACD and its members for the strength and integrity of Responsible Distribution and praised NACD for its security efforts.

TLC ingredients

Responsible Distribution is a condition of membership in NACD and all members are third-party verified at least once during every three-year cycle. NACD also requires all members to submit safety and performance information for NACD’s annual Membership and Safety Report. Key findings include that NACD member companies’ safety rating is consistently better than nonmember chemical distributor companies and nearly twice as good as all manufacturing combined.

TLC Ingredients, Inc. is committed to continuous improvement in the chemical distribution industry’s responsible management of chemicals. We commit to managing our business and ethical performance according to NACD’s Guiding Principles of Responsible Distribution.