Sodium Acid Sulfate

pHase® A Food Grade Acidifier

pHase® Applications:

Jones-Hamilton’s pHase® is a dry granular food acid that can be used as a food ingredient. It has the unique ability to lower pH at a low addition rate without generating a sour taste. Its clean acid taste has no fruity or vinegar quality, but gives a soft, round flavor on the palate, offering a more natural overall flavor characteristic with a bright, clean aftertaste.

  • Acidified Foods

  • Beverages – Soft drinks, Fruit, Slushy, Iced Teas, Soy, Sports & Bar Mixes

  • Seasoning & Sauces

  • Candy & Confectionary

  • Fillings – Fruit, Chocolate and Coconut

  • Cheese

  • Syrups

  • Soups & Prepared Foods

  • Acrylamide reduction: pHase® reduces acrylamide formation by 60% with no adverse effects on taste or appearance on starchy foods, such as corn chips potato chips and french fries.

  • Enzymatic Browning: When used at a 3% concentration, potatoes treaded with pHase® maintained a significantly lower color, i.e., less brown. Also works with pears, avocados and apple browning.

  • Citric Acid Alternative: Acid strength is denoted by pKa value; the lower the pKa, the stronger the acid. pHase® contains the strongest food grade acid which means less product is needed to attain a low pH. Consider pHase® as a citric acid replacement depending upon your formulation. See attached link for calculations.

  • Low sour intensity: A Sensory Spectrum taste evaluation of pHase®, citric acid and phosphoric acid showed pHase® to have the lowest sour impact at pH levels of 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0.

  • Reduction in sweetener and salt usage: By lowering pH with low sour intensity, less sweetener is required (reduction of up to 15%) to maintain the same perceived sweetness. pHase enhances the flavor of salt, allowing for sodium reduction of up to 40% with similar saltiness.

  • FDA approved Labeling as: Sodium
    Bisulfate, Bisulfate of Soda and Sodium
    Acid Sulfate.